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Salford is no longer an industrial city of docks, factories and mills. It is undergoing a major transformation in personal services, digital and knowledge economies, creative industries and construction. The Broughton Trust aims to ensure that Salford people are equipped to access the growing number of jobs, particularly those people who are furthest from the labour market in terms of skills, education or work experience including ex-offenders.

In partnership with a range of employers and training providers we provide a pathway into meaningful employment for the unqualified, unskilled and inexperienced, particularly in fields such as construction, hospitality and personal services. We offer a range of services from job clubs, pre-employment training and work sampling all underpinned by 1:1 support. We contact some of the most difficult to track and place young adults (the ‘invisible’) who are on no-one’s register, who claim no benefits and who live outside the system. Our successes have been recognised by contracts with a number of partners and in 2018 we placed over 60 adults into sustained (over 6 months) permanent full-time jobs.

Details of our services can be found in our calendar, our newsletter or our facebook page.

Graham Cooper

Employment and Youth Manager



 'Communication here is great. They're always checking what works for us and changing things if we need them to'.

'They are flexible and responsive. They also challenge us - in a good way - about what works and doesn't work for their local community'.

(Interviewee responses, Matrix Report March 2017)





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The Broughton Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales No. 3900840 and a Registered Charity No. 1089038