Quotes from Beneficiaries

“I lost my job at the start of lock down I worked in a restaurant had done for years but they couldn’t help me, I have 4 children my wife became ill with worry I contacted the Broughton Trust to see if they could help me I was supported through the process of finding another job which was difficult as English is not my first language, I got a job as a delivery driver for Amazon I’m doing great”   

“When my mental health is bad I was always able to get my mum to come and help me but because of COVID she has not been able to travel and I was on my own with my 2 children but then the Broughton Trust contacted me to check if I was ok as I had done some learning with them I was honest and told them I was not ok and they jumped into action, a laptop was dropped off to me I then had several one to one sessions where I was able to open up about how I was feeling and what help I needed I was refereed to other organisation who could also help me. I join weekly”


“Being able to continue learning even though it is online I still get a chance to see familiar faces”


“Thank you for listening”        “I don’t want to talk about it

                                                          Maybe I will

                                                          Oh thank you for listening”


“I can honestly say being able to talk and continue with some normality through the pandemic has saved my life I don’t think I would be here now if it wasn’t for you all”

“I was able to find help and get away from my abusive boyfriend, I still join the group on line every week even though the courses have finish it helps me stay positive

“I was doing so well my mental health had improved and then all this happened I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t ring me”

“Being contacted by The Broughton Trust and been given a laptop and helped to join the online sessions has been a life saver for me and my sister, we are in a women’s centre in hiding from our abusive partners with no support from our families as they wanted us to stay saying it would get better when it was getting worst, we can do the online sessions together my sister and me without the video on this helps to keep us safe” XXX


“Reflecting on his progress, the young person said: "Thanks to Dave and The Broughton Trust I have managed to secure and maintain my first job, whilst also passing the IPAF course and being awarded employee of the month within the first six months of being there. They have helped me come a very long way from where I first started, the support they have given me is amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them."


“I got a certificate can’t believe it during a pandemic my first ever the girls even posted it to me

I now want to join classes when we can to meet other students as I think I am one now thanks” 


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