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Sust comms planring day 3

The Trust is very proud of its green credentials, having a carbon neutral footprint. From 2012-18 it was one of a small number of national programmes focused on  transforming local attitudes to recycling, food waste, greening and growing, energy management, and flood awareness. It worked with individuals, community grous, schools, and start-up businesses alongside major environmental experts including international corporation WSP Group,The Environment Agency and Salford Council.

The National Lottery Sustainable Communities Programme run by the Trust funded  over 50 individual projects. In 2015 it was one of twelve community organisations across the globe to be awarded a United Nations commendation for its community-led climate change mitigation programme. A Community-led Emergency Plan was developed which has since been rolled out across Greater Manchester. This was put into action in December 2015 when the Irwell burst its banks flooding over 1000 homes and businesses in East Salford (including the Trust).

The legacy of the Programme is still evident in ongoing projects with schools, business start-ups, and the only urban wetland in the North at Castle Irwell. Since its completion in 2018 has become a focus for recreational activities and wild life studies while acting as a defence to prevent further flooding by the Irwell.

A five-year Social Return on Investment Study (SROI) conducted by Salford University concluded that for every £1 invested, the Sustainable Communities  Programme returned £16.7 to the local community and beyond.

For an an account of the Sustainable Communities Project see  http://youtu.be/ijA_0-pk4FE



" I have been able to see at first hand how a community with fewer resources than most has been able to progress the objectives of positive social and environmental change....with an investment of just over £1M, the programme generated over £16M of sustainable value ..." Prof Erik Bichard & Dr Catherine Barlow, The University of Salford 2018

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